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Sesslife Wooden Cat House, Outdoor Large Cat Catio Enclosure for Multiple Pets, Walk in Cat Run House with Bouncy Bridge, Platforms, Seating and Small Houses, Pet Cage with Sunshine Panel - 108.7 Inch

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Give your feline companions a roomy and cozy playhouse with lots of space to wander and roam. Made of a sturdy wood frame, mesh walls, and dark polycarbonate Panel, this outdoor catio kitten enclosure allows for long-term outdoor use. This durable design ensures cats can scratch to their heart's desire, so your enclosure can last. The height of the platform is kitties love, a multi-layer set-up for climbing up and down, and large and with plenty of space for a cat nap. Under the seating platform is hollowed out, cats can play hide-and-seek and rest in it. Above the seat is the bouncing bridge, which is soft and can effectively prevent knocking your head. And the resting boxes provide them with places for resting. Dark sun panels provide shade, UV protection, and increased privacy for cats. Enjoy leisure time with your cats within the cat house.


Item Name: Outdoor Wooden Cat House

Product Dimensions: 75"L x 108.7"W x 70.3"H

Material: Wood & Metal

Color: Gray

Style: Modern

Package Includes:

1 x Cat House

Notice: This product has THREE packages, and they may not arrive at the same time. If you only received one package, please wait for several days patiently.

  • 😺【Sturdy & Safety】Sesslife wooden cat house is made of a solid fir wood frame, which is animal-friendly paint, and durable and sturdy metal wire to keep your cats secure inside. The wire mesh provides transparent full sight around the cat for its curiosity and observer nature. And the unique upgraded EXTRA polycarbonate hollow sheet keeps the wind and rain away.

  • 😺【Spacious Activity Area】56.6ft² outdoor cat enclosure offers a large space for your cats to enjoy running and playing freely. There's nothing better than having a cat on your lap, bonding time, and a cat nap! Enjoying leisure time with your cats within the cat house can help strengthen your cat's bond with you.

  • 😺【Ideal Place for Feline Pets】Served as both a safe house and activity center, this multi-cat playpen with a sunshine panel, jumping and seating platforms, bouncing bridge, and resting boxes is a practical outdoor addition to keeping your pets active and healthy.

  • 😺【Extra Large Walk-in Cat House】The large front door at 58" tall allows you to go inside to interact with your cats, and make feeding and cleaning easy. Our cat house is designed with a small access door to attach our house or cat tunnel, making your cats move freely from indoors to outdoors.

  • 😺【Weatherproof Solar Roof】Covered by a solar top panel with easy fixation, the modern outside cat house is perfect to stand in your garden or backyard to offer a weatherproof sanctuary and sunbathing catio.

  • 😺【Easy Assemble】With pre-drilled screw holes, numbered parts, and detailed instructions, You can easily assemble this high-quality outdoor cat cage with your partner.